Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Signs He Is Afraid To Fall For You

Sometimes you just get the feeling that a particular guy likes you but for some reason he just doesn't say or do anything to confirm what you feel. You try to ignore your feelings but they keep resurfacing whenever he is around you... and you begin to feel confused about him. You agonize over whether he really likes you or if you are imagining things. What are the signs that he does like you but is afraid to fall for you?

1. He wants contact but doesn't want the conversation to divert to anything more personal. A sign that he is attracted to you is the fact that he wants to be in contact with you... and to be in activities where he knows you will be. But because he is afraid to fall for you, he will not get into conversation that is personal in anyway unless it's him mentioning a quirk of yours... and even then you can tell he is afraid of the conversation getting any deeper.

2. He wants your attention but is afraid to say anything beyond pleasantries. Another sign that he is afraid to fall for you is that he will want to engage your attention but with what he considers safe topics. If you try and divert the conversation to a deeper level then he will flee.

3. He is overly sensitive to what you say especially if it concerns him. You will say something about him (in his hearing) that in your mind could be very mildly negative and he will react very defensively. It's like he has a raw nerve when it concerns what you say about him but he will not pursue anything romantic with you. Another sign that he cares deeply about you (and your opinion of him); but he is afraid to fall for you.

4. He watches you... without seeming to do so. Another sign that he is attracted to you but is afraid to fall for you is that you will get the feeling that he is watching you while he is trying his best to avoid giving the impression that he is doing so. He will look at you through the sides of his eyes or through his sunglasses... so he doesn't have to deal with you or others knowing that he likes you.

5. He sometimes imitates your deeds and speech when he is around you. A man who is attracted to you will mimic your expressions or even deeds... and you will see this in this man but he will never engage you beyond that point.

A man who likes you but is afraid to fall for you can be a source of great stress. His body language tells you that he really likes you but he doesn't say or do anything to confirm your feelings. To have any possibility of moving this relationship forward you must try and understand why he is afraid to fall for you.


  1. Great article! But now what? How do you deal with as guy who is afraid to admit his feelings?

  2. Can this happen months after dating too?